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Greywater and Rainwater Tanks
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Water Capture - Mark Harland

Water Capture
Our complete dependency on the town mains water supply for our house and garden should stop. Perth’s average rainfall is now a lot less than it used to be in the past. Charges for excess water are increasing rapidly, bore owners are facing greater restrictions and garden watering is now only 2 days per week.
  Greywater and Rainwater Tanks, Perth and Fremantle, Australia

There are some options to reduce your dependency on the town mains water:

1. Capturing the rainwater that falls on your house roof, collecting that water and
then using it in either the garden, selected fixtures of the house or all of the house.

2. Capturing the greywater from the bathroom and the laundry and sending that
water to your gardens. These are two very possible options to becoming more
self sufficient and sustainable with your water usage.

Large Greywater tanks installation Perth Australia
Large Greywater tanks - installed Perth Australia

The average new house being built in Perth is well over 200 m². In an average
rainfall year allowing for flushing, filtering, and some wastage this size of house
could collect 120 000 liters per year.

With a family of 4 people and by installing a 10 000 liter tank, approximately
90 % of that rainwater would get used at that house. 108 000 liters of rainwater
in a year is a significant contribution to your overall water usage.

Rainwater tanks can be installed in the ground hidden away, be made from
poly plastic or zinculume/ colourbond. They come in tall round and sort squat
shapes as well as slimline and expandable sacks. Sizes range from 250 liters
to over 100 000 liters.

Poly tank plumbed with flush device installation Perth Australia
Poly tank plumbed with flush device - installation Perth Australia

Many people opt to connect 1 or 2 downpipes to a tank that has a submersible
pump that supplies the toilet/s and washing machine. It comes with a switching
device that senses when the rainwater has run out and diverts back to the mains

A cheaper option is to collect that rainwater in Winter and then use it on the
gardens over Summer with a hose or watering can. With the aid of flushing
devices, leaf diverters, gutter mesh, and a variety of filters, as well as UV filtration
rainwater can be used for drinking in Public places. Federal rebates are available
for rainwater systems plumbed into the house.

Rainwater switch and filtration installion Perth Australia
Rainwater switch and filtration - installed Perth Australia

Underground rainwater tank - installation Perth Australia
Underground rainwater tank - installation Perth Australia

Why waste that water running down the shower drain. Approximately
9 liters per minute from a modern shower rose is going to waste unless
it’s being re-used on the garden via a Greywater system. Greywater that
is suitable for the garden comes from the shower/bath, vanities and
basins, and the laundry.

In Perth and Fremantle a list of the approved systems can be found at
the Department of Health website.

The majority are diversion systems meaning the selected fixtures
(i.e shower) drainage pipe is cut and diverted to the greywater tank,
where it is filtered and then pumped via sub-surface irrigation to
the garden. This generally all happens automatically. Maintenance
will include some cleaning of filters.

Large Greywater Tanks - Installation Perth Australia
Large Greywater Tanks - Installed Perth Australia

Every Greywater system needs to have an application made to the local
Council prior to installing. This will show the Approval number of the system,
what fixtures are being captured, and a drawing showing the irrigation area.

An inspection of the final system is needed to get a ‘Permit to Use’.
There are certain rules regarding the minimum area of irrigation required
depending on how many bedrooms are in the house and setbacks
from boundaries and buildings.

All greywater needs to be sub-surface drip irrigated to avoid contact with
humans. Generally people who install a Greywater system will switch to
using organic products in the bathroom and laundry. Many laundry
detergents contain high quantities of Sodium and Phosphates which
are detrimental to most plants. Greywater can make a significant
contribution towards a sustainable garden that is less dependent on
mains water.

For more information call or email Mark Harland at Water Capture:

Website: http://perthgreywaterandrainwater.com.au
Phone 9433 3262
Mobile 0414457244
Email: mharland@iinet.net.au
14 Curedale Street
A.B.N 56887519534




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